Friday, February 22, 2013

There's More to Life than Food

Hey y'all!  There's more to life than just food.  I'm trying very hard to convince myself daily, who am I kidding, momentlly (I just made up another word).  I really believe that as Americans, we are obsessed with food.  I know I am, I'm a "Food Addict" and Weight Watchers is my recovery program of choice. 
Everywhere you look there is a new restaurant, a billboard, a pizza place, etc.  And the commercials, if you weren't craving something when you sit down to watch a show, you will be by the time the first commercial break is over.  This is all very hard for a person that is coming "down" from their food high/habit.
The good news - at weight-in this week, I dropped 1.6 lbs., for a total of 6.6 lbs. in two weeks.  Yippee-yiho-kiya!!!!!!!  I don't think I mentioned this last week, but as I stood in line for my initial weigh-in, I noticed all the women ahead of me were stripping.  Taking off clothes, shoes, purses, belts, earrings, necklaces, etc.  I thought to myself, self, you don't want to do this, you are here today to keep it real.  So I weighed with my boots, jacket, skirt, jewelry, everything.  The Speaker, who is also the weigh-in-er (we'll just call her SW) told me that I will have to dress the same way every weigh-in to get an accurate reading and I said no problem.  So this week, I put on the same boots, same jacket, a tank top, a belt, a scarf, my jewelry, and my denim skirt.  As I'm putting on my skirt, I reach for my slip (for you young girls out there, us more mature women always wore slips and still do most of the time) and say to myself, self, don't wear a slip today cuz this denim is heavy and you don't need the extra weight of the "slip" (a blonde moment if there ever was one).
So SW weighs me, sees the look on my face and asks me whats wrong.  I tell her how good I was and thought I should have lost a little more.  So she assures me I'm doing well, but then says, "well look at what you're wearing.  You didn't have that heavy (leather with studs) belt on before, or the scarf."  So she makes me take it off, weighs it then me, and those two little things were 1lb.  I couldn't believe it.  Then she wants me to take off my skirt, but I couldn't because of the "slip" thing.  So she tells me that the skirt was about 5lbs.  SW starts the class after weighing everyone and right away she asks me to step forward.  Then she proceeds to use me as "Weight Watchers What Not to Wear on Weigh-In Day".  It was very funny and the class had a good time poking at me.  So, I told you all that to say this, I'm doing good with the program, I probably lost more than 1.6 lbs, but - My name is Cindy and I'm a foodaholic.
Speaking of food, I want to get a couple of chickens.  MY mother had a bunch of them years ago and I used to help take care of them and enjoyed it a lot.  Chickens are very smart and can become tame and trained.  Plus, they are a great food source that you don't have to pay for at the grocery.  I went to a County Commissioners Meeting last night where they were supposed to be discussing a decades old law that states you can not keep chickens in the County.  You can, however, keep them in the City limits.  Doesn't make sense to me, the City has chickens, but the County can't???  But there is a bunch of us "Crazy Chicken People" opposing this and asking the Commissioners to re-visit the ordinance.  They tabled the discussion last night for another 90 days.  But, I'm gettin' me some chickens!!!!  You have to brood them for up to 15 weeks anyway and that can be done inside in a cardboard box.  I want the ones that lay the Easter eggs, they are called Araucana.  My mother had some of these, they are cute and they do well in this area.
I guess my country roots are showing in full color.  I will stop bending your ears for now.  Take care.
See you in the funny papers!!!