Saturday, January 19, 2013

First DIY Project

Hi y'all!  First thing I want to share with you is this great find from one of our local thrift stores.  I went to the mission two weeks ago to search for some white ironstone that I've been collecting for some time now.  I found a really cool platter that I looked up on-line while I was there, I paid $4 for it and it was listed for $54.  Score!!! I was very excited.  As I was making my way to the check-out, I thought I'll just go by the furniture to check it out, you never know what you can find, right?  I'm looking and I'm looking and called my name - Cindy, come look at me..... It was a really cool wicker chair that was pretty old looking and black.  But it had pretty good bones and it was only $4.99.  I'm thinking, Score Again!!!  So here is my first on-line DYI project.  Turned out pretty good.  Don't look at the table or the surroundings, I'm still working on it and I'll share that as soon as I get it done.

 Last week I went to my niece's house and helped her and my sister-in-law can.  We had such a good time.  I was a bit nervous, I've never canned anything really.  I've watched friends can before but never assisted.  It was pretty cool.  I also bought some of my own canning supplies to get ready to do this wonderful thing on my own.  Well, not really, I'll either be doing it with my daughter or my niece and sis-in-law again.  So I'm not an expert yet, I'm a canner in progress.  Buts it's so cool.  It's amazing how excited you can get about such simple things isn't it?  LOL.
Also, this past week, I went to a knitting circle with my sis-in-law and same niece.  My niece taught me how to knit.  I've crocheted since I was knee high to a grass-hopper, but let me tell you, knitting is a whole other ball park.  You would think, oh I can do this it's got to be close to crocheting, but no.  First problem I had is the way you hold your fingers to let the tension of the yarn go through them to the needles.  It's so different.  Then just remembering the difference between a knit and a pearl, man!  My poor niece deserved a medal after the other night, she was so patient.  After sitting with me and then letting me go at it (I was planning on following a pattern to make a dishcloth), she looks at it and says, "why don't you just practice knits for a while and then pearls for a while?"  I just laughed and told her I thought that was a good idea.  I know this may sound funny, but I've wanted to learn to knit most of my adult life.  I've just never taken the time to learn, so I'm very excited about this as well.
I've decided for myself, I'm still never too old to learn new things.  I hope you will agree that you can learn new stuff too no matter where you are in life.
See you in the funny papers!


  1. Once again you remind me of the past---crocheting those rugs. Greg's girlfriend crochets some real cute scarfs and hats. We went Rving this weekend and one group of ladies were crocheting. I told Jerry, I'm not ready to sit at an rv park and crochet. LOL. Do you decorate? You have great taste! Keep posting. Nancy

  2. Yes, I decorate, for people too besides myself. Thank you for the comment and for reading. Pease share with your friends and family. Love you Gertrude!!!

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