Friday, December 14, 2012

Maiden Voyage

Hey y'all, how are you doin'?  This is my very first post and I have to be honest with you, I've been scared to death about it.  I've literally been working on this for weeks trying to figure this blogging thing out.  You'd think after working in a large Corporate environment for 26 years, most of the latter part of that time as a Senior Secretary to the Director of Internal Auditing, that this would be a breeze.  Well, you are never too old or experienced to learn something, I'll be the very first to admit that.  Its funny, after using my IPad for so long now and having to come in to the computer room to get this up and running, I've even forgotten where some of the keys are for simple characters, hahaha. Also, I will probably refer to Star Trek or other SciFi lingo, cuz I'm a serious fan, a Trekkie if you will.  I haven't been to a convention yet, not because I haven't wanted to, just hasn't ever worked out.  So anyway, you'll have to just ignore the nerd part of me if you don't like it.
I do hope y'all enjoy this blog.  My life always seems to take on a comical aspect no matter what I do and that's what I will be sharing about.  I used to be a Floral Designer years ago and had gotten in to helping people decorate for the Holidays, which led to decorating their homes for all occasions.  I also designed and decorated my Corporate office for the Holidays; helped coordinate the "Big" Christmas party and did the decorations for that; I was asked to assist with other parties and dinners for some of our VIPs throughout the years; I coordinated some major Conferences for our Management in the Internal Auditing department; I was asked to decorate one of my City's large Credit Union's office when they built their new local headquarters; and with all this, I did the same type of work for individuals who acquired my services for their homes.
I have a wonderful husband, Jeff; a beautiful daughter, Dinah Kate; the best son-in-law you could ask for, Kenny; my little Sugarbug - a.k.a. my granddaughter, Emmalinn Ann; my cats, Fergie and Billy (both adopted from the Humane Society); my 80 yr. old mom, Gloria; my 84 yr. old dad Al; brother, Jimmy and sister-in-law Janora and that's just right here.  I have another brother, Tony and sister-in-law Glenda; then theres Jeff's brother, Joe; sister Kaye and her husband Anthony.  These guys don't live around us, but there will be stories, I'm sure.
I guess I'm going to try to publish now.  By the way, the pic above is my front door wreath that I made, I hope you like it. I will also be working on the format of my blog, so I'm sure you will see changes shortly.
I will close with what my grandfather always said so he never had to say goodbye (I miss him all the time), "see you in the funny papers!"


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  1. I'm so happy to see that you started your blog! I'm sure that you will inspire many people. You are one of the most talented people that I know! Good luck!!