Sunday, December 16, 2012

The After-Math

We have had too many After-maths in this great Country of ours.  It's time for all of us but mostly our government to decide - are we a Nation that was based on Godly principles or do we just leave all that "God stuff" outside of our homes, our schools, our government, to sit and rot in the weather?  I personally believe that our steady downward spiral started the day that prayer was no longer allowed in school. Our children need to be taught that there is a spiritual nature in us at an early age.  And with that education, a respect for values, a respect for laws, and a respect for authority figures will be nurtured.  We need to come together as a Nation and pray for this change.

I'm really not trying to preach religion, I believe that as a person matures, they are going to make their own choices.  However, I also believe that if that person isn't presented with knowledge of our spiritual nature or of God and His Commandments as a young child, they will grow up with no real sense of good and evil, especially if they aren't taught that literally at home.  Before any of you get your panties in a bunch about that - I've been a Youth Leader at my church and I can tell you from my own experience, that not all parents teach their children literal behaviours or beliefs at home.  We all get busy and before we know it, our kids are grown and they have learned what they need to know from TV, from movies, from school, from each other, from music (some, not so good), get my drift, I'm sure.  Most parents have good intentions, but unless you really take the time each day to sit and talk with your child about their day, ask them questions about it, listen to their answers/ questions, just BE with them, you won't be able to teach them or get to know them.  I guarantee that I would have known something was wrong with my boy, way before he had gotten a gun to shoot me.

My sorrow for this shooting is beyond measure.  As a parent, just like all of you that are, I can't even begin to imagine what these parents are going through. I still think of my 28 yr. old daughter as my little baby girl.  I still see that sweet baby smile when she'd recognize me, I see those beautiful curls as her hair was just starting to grow long, I see her running across the yard to jump in my arms, I see how she looked on her first day of school, I guess all of these pictures in my mind will never stop no matter how old she gets.  My heart just aches for these parents that won't get to see their babies change and grow.  I want to always lift them up to our Father in prayer for their strength.  I really don't know how they will go on.  Life is always changed with death, but this is worse because its not only happened to them, its happened to our Nation as well.  This will most likely be a chapter in our future history books.  They, and us will be dealing with yet another tragic After-Math.

I don't want anymore After-Maths.

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