Monday, December 24, 2012

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Happy Christmas!  This is is pix of my SugarBug, Emmalinn touching Joseph in a manger.  At her day-care, they have this set up outside and I wanted her to see it up close.  She was amazed by all of it.  She is only 3 yrs. old, but as with my daughter, I believe you are never too young to learn of the sacrifice our Lord made for us.  She may not understand it yet, but as she grows it will be familiar to her and she will understand one day.

As I was baking yesterday, just as busy as a bee, I was listening to Christmas music on Pandora.  I really hadn't been paying a lot of attention to most of it, just singing along kind of mindlessly, you know how you do that.  "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" came on by some female country artist and she sang all the verses.  I loved it from the beginning so it really caught my attention.  She came to the verse that says, "And when they came to Bethlehem, Where our dear Saviour lay, They found Him in a manger, Where oxen feed on hay; His Mother Mary kneeling down, Unto the Lord did pray. O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, O tidings of comfort and joy."  I thought about the words telling of Mary kneeling down to pray before our Lord and how she had just given birth to Him and how she knew that He was our Saviour, she knew she needed to worship Him, she knew she needed to pray to Him, she knew He was the King.  I was so moved, I had to sit and of course I cried. 

Christmas is about giving, sharing, and being with our loved ones.  But we can not forget that Christ our Lord is the reason we even have this Holiday.  All the traditions, all the gift giving, all the food, everything about it pretty much goes back to symbols that represent some aspect of the birth of our Savior.

I sincerely wish all of you the happiest Christmas and New Year!  Hug and kiss your family and loved ones.  Cherish these memories that you'll create.  Have a safe and blessed time.

See you in the funny papers!


  1. Love you to the Back of the Moon

  2. love your blog and love you too. Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year....

  3. So true. Hope you will post on Facebook when you write on your blog. Enjoy reading it so much! Nancy S. (Gertrude).